History of Chef Jenn

rofiteroles, that was the moment, at about age 8, that my extreme reaction at how delicious something could be, made it obvious that food was going to be a huge part of my life. Yes, I was an odd child who's favorite activity on vacation was going to local grocery stores and trying different foods, still is too. I was lucky enough that I had the best parents that never discouraged me from ordering something, as long as I ate it, and let me play in the kitchen as much as I wanted, even though I was terrible at cleaning up after myself.  My favorite meal was "WWW (whatever we want)" which was a reaction from me saying I didn't like what my mom fixed. 

By age 16, I had my first job in a restaurant baking and cooking on the line.  I continued working in restaurants until the age 23, when I received my Associated in Architectural Engineering and was given a great opportunity designing custom homes at the beach.  I moved to Baltimore in 2005 and continued my work in residential architecture, until 2009 when the recession made my job no longer needed.  Even when I was no longer cooking in a restaurant, food was still top of my list, spending my days thinking about what I could cook or having dinner parties just to make new things. 

In 2009, I started Bringing Home the Basil as a way of sharing my passions with others.  I focus on fresh and fantastic food that should be part of everyone's lives.  I currently have several private clients as well as working with a great group of women at the Women in Wellness center, in Towson, MD.  I look forward to continuing the work I do and growing my business, in a goal to help people eat better.

I also write recipes and blog.  You can follow me at.